About us


Since 1996 we have been in successful real estate business, where mistakes are not forgiven. Almost 20 years of stability of Real estate Alpia and a number of realized projects are a guarantee of our blamelessness. We started as a small family company in Martin and then we have become a well known real estate agency with branches all around Slovakia. We are still expanding and our aim is to cover all Slovak towns over 40000 inhabitants.

We are not a networking company or franchise. In most real estate agencies the brokers work independently, have their own business and are just under patronage of a real estate agency. We employ our brokers here in Real estate Alpia and they have been our employees from 8-13 years, which reflects our professionalism. 

We all form one perfect team and look for your dream home together. We arrange a sale and purchase mediation and purchase of a property for a good price. We also go for long term and more complex development projects. 

We have our own, modern developing real estate system, so we are still up- to- date about variable requirements and market needs. We are flexible in following legislative changes. We cooperate with lawyers, land registry and we can provide you with a wide range of real estate and consulting services. 

We are your reliable guide in real estate world.


  • Mgr. Mirka Hanuliaková
    Mgr. Mirka Hanuliaková
    back office manager +421 908 969 917mirka.hanuliakova@realityalpia.sk

    Responsible for training new employees, control of established offices and administrative activities. For its strengths considered communicative, zodpovenosť and flexi-bility. For clients can be beneficial for their reliability, diligence and personal approach. It is always willing to help, is perceptive and can work well under pressure.

  • JUDr. Elena Lasičková
    JUDr. Elena Lasičková
    company lawyer elena.lasickova@realityalpia.sk

    Responsible for legal company agenda, preparing legal documents, providing legal advice to clients. He is also in charge of labor relations in the company. As a corporate lawyer has an absolute insight into the inner life of the company, which is one of the things that in many real estate agencies in collaboration with external lawyers absent. For its strengths considered conscientiousness and responsible approach to work. For clients can be beneficial for its professionalism and positive attitude.

  • Lukáš Lučanský
    Lukáš Lučanský
    97% Perfektný
    chief information officer +421 908 914 025lukas.lucansky@realityalpia.sk