We will find a suitable property which meets your requirements (apartments, houses, commercial premises). 

  • We will cover property viewings, where we represent you and will negotiate the best conditions for you
  • We offer legal and financial purchase counselling.  
  • We will make a proper deal and property transfer. We will take care of proper transfer of the property to you.
  • We offer after-sale service(application for energy import, houses association and tax counselling) 


We arrange a sale of real estate for private purposes (houses, land, recreational buildings and apartments) as well as commercial premises.

  • We will present your property on the Internet, in media and on the signposts placed on stategic places in the town. We cooperate with dozen of real estate agencies and other portals and we will make your property visible on the top posts.
  • We will find a suitable buyer for you. 
  • We will give you free legal service associated with property sale and after-sale counselling. We will do your business smoothly, pay on time and transfer the property. 
  • In case of cooperative apartments, we will manage transfer of the rights and obligations.

Do you need your money quickly? We do the purchse of the property on our own account. We pay cash up to 24 hours from the agreement conclusion. We also handle indebted properties under execution or before auction.



We mediate renting of the properties and premises for private and commercial purposes. 
  • We will find a proper tenant for your property.
  • We offer legal services related to rental property service and service after signing the contract. 
  • If a tenant leaves up to 3 months, we will find a new one without paying commission. 


  • We look for suitable investment properties, e.g. building sites, according to your requirements.
  • We have had experience with developer projects, and we can help you with the organization of the construction, execution, economy and trade. We will mediate consultations with proffessionals (architect, surveyour, notary, land register).
  • We ensure you that your property will be visible. We will present it on the well-placed strategic advertising media and on top positions on the Internet and billboards.
  • We advise you with sale tactics , setting the selling price and the way of presentation of real estate when selling.
  • We try to find buyers of your property as fast and effective as possible.
  • We offer legal and financial services as well as consulting. 



  • We cooperate with experienced financial advisors, who are able to arrange a mortgage loan, inssuarance, or act as deputies for you in the banks.
  • We provide financing and insurance of the property.
  • We give you practical advice related to the determination of the property price , sale or purchase tactics.



  • We give real estate law advice. We will prepare purchase, donation or rental agreements.
  • We will help you with land registry, bank and other important institutions.
  • We provide regulation and market assessments of your property for the needs of the court, notary (such as inheritance or divorce) and we prepare regulation report.



  • Our cooperation is not finished by selling or buying a property. We will explain you what to do after sale or purchase of a property, inform you about energy cancellations, after sale tax, residence check out, etc.
  • In cooperation with professionals we provide elaboration of geometric plans and land division.