I want to buy a property. Why should I ask you?

We keep our website up to date, so there you can find new properties only. You can receive information about new properties via text message or email. Our brokers will inform you also by phone. We have our own information system that is continually improved and clearly created website with simple operation.

How to use a search engine on your website?

Our search engine is modern, effective and very simple. Simply type the criteria (place, a property type, price, etc.). of the property you're looking for and push Enter key. The system finds the properties, that match your criteria.

I've found a property I am interested in. What to do next?

Every interested person who wants see a property in our offer, has to sign a mediation agreement with viewing. This agreement is important for the buyer to cooperate when buying it with our agency exclusively. It means that if the property is viewed through our agency, must be also bought through us. If clients decide not to buy, they are not bound by the agreement. Mediation Agreement always applies to specific property and it is signed exclusively before viewing a property.

Why do I pay the booking deposit?

The booking deposit guarantees that the apartment will be sold just to you. It is used as a part of the purchase price and is non-refundable (so if you do not buy the property, or will be sold by the owner, we will give you money back). When paying the deposit you show a serious interest in buying a new property, you commit to buy it and you also prove, that you are able to pay purchase price. In case that you finally withdraw from the contract, deposit is not returned.

I want you to sell my property through your agency. What about an advertising?

Whereas we realize that everything and everyone is now on the Web, we prioritizie advertising on the Internet. We carefully choose the most viewed portals, advertise them and do everything is possible to have our offers on the first positions. Our site is visited every day by more than 1,000 new possible clients.

What services do you provide on the basis of a non-exclusive contract?


  • Advertising on our websites and for clients in our real estate agency
  • Advertising in more than 30 real estate portals
  • Actively offering to our clients, mailing, sms
  • Possibility to place the property banner "For Sale"
  • Regular contact with the analysis of the interested clients
  • Property viewing
  • Reservation of real estate with interested clients
  • All-inclusive legal service
  • Mediation of a court expert, a geodesist, real estate reconstruction
  • Representation on the Land Register
  • Property transfer, energy cancellation
  • After-sales service, counselling

What does non exclusive cooperation mean?

By signing a non exclusive contract with us you are committed only to the fact that you will pay a commission only in the case that your property buys our client. However, you can also cooperate with other real estate agencies.

What services can you provide me when cooperating on the basis of exclusive contract?


  • The property is offered as ours. It will have better presentation, more photos in advertising
  • We will place it on top positions on our website
  • It will have a higher ranking on real estate portals
  • Billboard advertising placed in strategic locations in the town
  • Advertisements in local newspapers
  • Exclusive offers are topped frequently
  • Exclusive offers are preferentially offered to a potential buyer
  • We will contact reliable colleagues from other real estate agencies, and if they have a potential buyer, we will represent you when dealing with them
  • Property viewing with potential purchasers after 6 pm and at weekends
  • We will pay for signature verification of the purchase contract

What does an exclusive cooperation mean?

By signing an exclusive contract you are obliged to pay a commission in case, that the customer has purchased the property, which was not offered directly by our agency, but your property advertised by our agency, may cause that a client asks directly you. So, if we invest in such an active advertising of your property, as our client you are required to refer our agency to any potential buyer to coommunicate the details of the purchase with us.

What documents do I need to transfer the property?

If you are a buyer, you need an ID card and money (if you pay by mortgage loan, documents as instructed by the bank). If you sell a property, you need an ID card, declaration of administrator, acquisition contract (the contract which you have acquired ownership of the property), public document. Property must be registered with the district authority - the cadastral department, therefore, must be registered on title deed. As the title deeds are available online, you may not bring the original from land registry (but if the payment is done through a mortgage, banks sometimes require it). When it comes to selling an apartment, you will need a statement made by the administrator of a residential building that the apartment has no outstanding debts against the administrator. Then a deposit to the land registry is necessary, it is prepared by the real estate agency and revenue stamps worth € 66.

What fees do I have to pay when selling real estate?

The seller must pay for verifying signatures which are verified by the town hall or by a notary. The amount of fees varies. In the town hall you will pay € 1.50 per signature multiplied by a number of contracts and by a notary it's about € 3 per signature. You will also pay € 66 for registring purchase agreement in the Land Register.

What if I want to purchase a property through mortgage loan?

You will pay another 66 € for registring pledge agreements and bank charges. These vary from bank to bank, but you have to count with the expert opinion (€ 120 to € 200), the choice of the original title deed (€ 8) and geometric plan (€ 8), the building age certificate (about € 6) just to be able to ask for the loan.

Can I buy a cooperative flat through mortgage loan?

If you want to use a mortgage loan to pay for a cooperative flat, you have to pledge another property because the banks do not give a loan to buy a cooperative apartment because it is owned by the cooperative and not by the seller. In this case you mostly pay cash.

What is after-sales service, which also belongs to your services?

We manage property transfer, transfer protocol (it includes depreciation conditions and numbers of hot and cold water meters, gas meters, in case of the flat write-off the radiators and the number of returned keys). We prepare an application to amend the customer with energy providers (electricity, gas, water) and deliver it to the appropriate institution. We give you advice on how to proceed after the sale, where to go, where to log in and log out so you do not miss anything.