You can get professional application and promising future in the real estate business and you can discover the taste of success.

Help people find the dream home and become a part of their major life changes. Turn your work into an opportunity for personal and professional growth. We offer these interesting jobs: 

  • Real estate Agent

    We are looking for colleagues for positions in real estate agencies in Ružomberok, Martin, Liptovský Mikuláš.

    The main job description is actively searching and processing real estate agenda, executing transactions with clients (purchase, sale and purchase of real estates), property visits, providing access to legal and economic advice on real estate field and preparing documentation for the business.

    Since your main responsibility will be communicating with clients, strong communication skills, business-like spirit and nice behaviour are almost a necessity.

    Previous experience in the real estate business or the appropriate education is certainly undeniable advantage, but not essential. The desire to work and personality capabilities are very important too. You should be able to react flexibly in any unforeseen situations and customer satisfaction should be paramount for you.

    Our real estate agents must have strong moral principles and are characterized by reliability, empathy, responsibility and loyalty. We work as a team and we accept only reliable team players who can work individually, but they can harmonize themselves with the group.

    We offer you prestigious office facilities where you can continually progress and interesting salary thanks to properties purchasing.

    We offer permanent job, or you can be self employed and work for us. Choose a form of cooperation that you prefer. The most clever employees can get up to 75% commission on sales.

    If you are interested in our job offer, please fill in the form below. If we are interested in your CV, we will contact you as soon as possible.

    Current job offers: Real Estate Agents in Zilina (3 posts), Martin (2 posts)
  • Head office manager

    We are looking for the head office managers of branches of our real estate agency in places where we do not have agencies.

    Key responsibilities of the job include: personal administration of the branch, headhunting, leadership and management of the employees, supervising and motivation; maintaining the quality of work and performance at the branch, trainings; financial management of the branch and working with the Agreements. One part of the work is the search for suitable sites for the presentation of real estate agency and various marketing activities in the area of the specific branch.

    In case you get a job, training will be provided by existing branches and we will help you to put a team of people together. Therefore we are looking for skilled and forceful people who are brave, assertive, inventive and have strong communication skills.

    Head office manager of our branches must have strong moral principles and is characterized by reliability, empathy, responsibility and loyalty. You should be able to build a natural respect. We work as a team and we accept reliable team players who can also work independently.

    We offer you reputable network of real estate agencies, where you can improve ,good salary and lucrative job.

    If you have found yourself in the lines above, please fill in the form below. In case we are interested, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will tell you more details at the interview.

    Current job offers: Head offices in Trencin and Banska Bystrica
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