Real estate services

Real estate services of our offices


  • brokering the sale of properties (houses, lands, housing and recreation facilities)
  • brokering the sale of commercial buildings and business premises
  • property purchasing
  • mediation of the transfer of membership rights and obligations of the cooperative dwelling
  • free legal services (copy of a letter of intent about future contract, purchase, gift, lease contracts, proposals for land registry... etc.)
  • assurance of notice and market expertise
  • assurance of effectuating of geometric plans, land division
  • reinsurance of property
  • purchase, sale and rental properties for their own account


Our services for development projects start at the stage of the search of suitable investment opportunities and continue by close cooperation with investors and architects.

1. mediation services, including advertising in newspapers and on the Internet to the extent that under all circumstances will lead to the fastest and most efficient sale and property listing on the database  of advertising offers and disclosure of information to third parties

2. legal services related to reservation conclusion of contracts for future contracts, purchase agreements, proposals on deposit in the land registry assuarance of legal consultations, eventually conclusion of such contracts or notarial acts or in the law office

3. in case of sale of property different than a thematic networking site, an intermediary will ensure the coordination in dealing with client changes to the real sale of property after property inspection

4. consultancy and advisory services of the organization and the economy not only with the investor, but also with an architect who handles projects for land use, building permit and construction plans

5. ensuring the possibility of obtaining funds to purchase property through a mortgage or building savings from the side of the bank for future buyers of the investor